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Bricks is a two-sided marketplace that connects you to investments sourced from people willing to sell their property. Properties are then divided into small bricks that you can invest in from $10.

Browse and select from investments offering different yields, terms, and LTV ratios, across either residential or multifamily properties.




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Historical Annual Returns

Figures as of 1/31/2020. Additional information on historical performance can be found here.

We're changing the way you invest in real estate is selecting properties based on their best rental income and capital return potential. Each property is divided into small Bricks. A Brick represents a fraction of a property. That way you can Invest in bricks from only $10.

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Select the properties you like the most and buy shares in it. Diversify across
multiple homes and locations.

Earn net rental income
paid every month

Earn net rental income paid every month

Get net rental income without operating responsibilities.
We take care of all the renting hassle for you.

Sell your Bricks and earn capital returns

Bricks valuation is increasing with property valuation. Valuation of properties are updated every 6 months. As soon as you want to cash out, sell your Bricks and earn capital returns.

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