We are on a mission to make ownership of investment real estate radically accessible, cost-effective, and simple.

Bricks is building the world’s leading real estate investment marketplace.
Clunky, opaque, inefficient… the process of buying and selling investment properties was badly in need of a rethink. Frustrated, Cedric O’Neill, founder of other startups started to brainstorm of how it’d be possible to fluidify the process and acess to property investment more easily. And he started building a vibrant marketplace where investing in real estate is as easy as buying your groceries.

It’s a new model where everyone can participate, from anywhere, at any time. Because Cedric believed that building wealth through real estate should be nothing short of radically simple.
Innovation is a way of life. We have built state-of-the-art technology that’s revolutionizing the way real estate is bought and sold alongside a dedicated team that provides unrivaled customer service. We enable anyone to invest with the tools, information and services they need to be successful.

Our platform lets everyone from first-time investors to global asset managers evaluate, purchase and own investment properties with confidence from anywhere in the world.

Since launch, our transactions are growing very fast and we continue to disrupt the industry with cutting edge technology and innovations.

No matter your investing goals, Bricks is here to help.


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Figures as of 1/31/2020. Additional information on historical performance can be found here.

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